Some Guy Posted His Hospital Bill Online. You’ll See Why Everyone’s Talking About It.

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February 9, 2014 Uncategorized No comments

20 year-old man came down with appendicitis in October of this year. He posted the bill on Reddit and it has gone viral. The US Health Care system is a topic of much debate, not only in the US but around the world. A lot of countries get ‘free’ health care, so needless to say, this has stirred up a lot of conversation.

As if waking up in excruciating pain isn’t enough, this is the bill he received in the mail a couple months later. Take a look:

This bill caused quite an uproar. A lot of citizens of other countries chimed in with their own experiences.

We don’t take political sides here in any way, but it’s hard to deny that these costs are absurd. No matter how you think this should be fixed, I think we can all agree that it needs to be.
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