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Five great ways to spend Halloween… in The Sims 4!
There’s no surprise The Sims is considered the most successful PC gaming franchise of all time. We admire the opportunity to live a life with so many mundane and realistic details… and the generous portion of unrealistic, bigger than life things makes it even better! In The Sims 4, you could be whatever you want, from accomplished scientist to a homeless musician. You could conquer death (literally) and give birth to an alien child. And if you want to add some more fun into traditional trick-or-treating routine this year, consider some great possibilities of The Sims 4!
Things you'll love about new Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a prequel slash reboot of the highly acclaimed title, a first-person parkour-infused action game set in the Glass city. Like in the original game, you play as Faith Connors, but unlike the previous installment, you meet her at the dawn of her career as  runner and freedom fighter. She literally runs errands for an underground network, delivering goods that are prohibited in the city ruled by the oppressive oligarchy.
Why new Legion will bring you back to the World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft: Legion is all the rage now, which is completely understandable: after years of losing players and suffering from harsh criticism, Blizzard has released the game that makes us seriously believe a lot of players would consider coming back into legendary MMORPG.
Simulators for $10 and under
We love video games because they allow us to discover marvelous new worlds, either distant planets in outer space or imaginary universes full of incredible creatures and magic. But sometimes another reality is much closer than the galaxy far far away. Sometimes it’s enough to try on someone else’s shoes, even pretty mundane, and you already feel yourself in another universe. And this is where life simulating games could take us, allowing to live another life in Sims or to explore occupations we'd never got a chance to learn. Let's take a look at few non-expensive but sturdy games in this genre.
Battleborne vs Overwatch: your guide to choose the right game
Since the day Overwatch and Battleborn were first announced, video games lovers can’t help but compared it to each other, and the similarity seemed obvious.
Summer giveaway in full swing — hurry up to win free games!
At the moment, over 2k customers took part in our summer giveaway. The rules are easy: join us on Facebook, tell your friends about our offer, and get a free Steam key for PC game immediately!
How Rise of the Tomb Raider became the best game of the series
If you still think that Tomb Raider is a mundane puzzle platformer, famous only for its heroine’s super short shorts, you’re deadly wrong. In recent years, the franchise strived hard to distance itself from this once appealing concept and moved towards more thoughtful and complicated gaming experience. The latest installment is an obvious success in this path. Now, Rise of the Tomb Raider is capable of competing with Assassin's Creed and other high-brow RPG titles. Gradually the game became more serious and dark, transforming to a grown-up version of itself, with brutal fights, heavily motivated vicious enemies and meaner heroine.
Your summer resolutions: best mainstream & indie games to play this summer
The summer is in full swing and it’s so hard sometimes to stay on track, even if the track you’ve chosen has the road sign that says “Summer is for entertainment.” Between swimming pools, BBQs and trips to the seaside, you will probably want to stay tuned with your other life — a gaming life. Out shorts picks of best titles for the summer serves exactly this purpose. Save it to the bookmarks and enjoy your summertime!

6 Features That Make New DOOM So Profoundly Awesome
If you’re an avid fan of first-person shooters, odds are low you've developed a taste to chainsaws, gore and fights with the ugliest monsters thanks to DOOM. The franchise means a lot for videogame fans, and today we’re going to take a look at the new entry to the well-known title, the recently released DOOM.
7 best co-op video games to try
Contrary to a widespread belief, games are not a lonely hobby. It’s that rare kind of entertainment that only benefits when you go social and share your experience with real-life friends or fellow gamers around the globe. With every other title offering multiplayer modes, which is the best to enjoy co-op missions? Here're few of our picks. 
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