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5 games under five bucks

When you want to indulge yourself with a new game and try some new gaming experience, there’s no need to buy a sixty-dollars blockbuster. There are plenty of awesome titles that could brighten up your night at home and won’t rob you. In our catalog, even the entries of world-famous franchises cost less than an episode of your favorite show on iTunes. Why skip the opportunity for great entertaining experience? 

Borderlands Game of the Year 


One of the best hybrids of RPG and first person shooter out there, Borderlands delivers ultimate adrenaline-infused experience. Give yourself up to frantic-paced action but mind tactics: with those freaking mutants you should always be alerted! Get the GOTY edition of the game, that includes 4 add-on packs with extremely addictive content for as low as $4.58 (€3.99)

Buy Borderlands GOTY 



One of the most famous titles that develop the theme of aliens invasion, Xcom puts you in the boots of a commander who’s in charge for Earth’s defenses against intruders. Lead the high-end military organization XCOM to the victory and save the mankind. Build your XCOM base and develop your strategy; shape your own personnel and bring it up to the strength with unique operatives; use all your wits in tactical action. Enjoy the game via multiplayer mode with friends or alone for as low as $3.78 (€3.29).


Dragon Age Origins 


As a Grey Warden, a warrior from a once powerful order that guards the kingdom of Ferelden, you’ll fight an ancient evil and restore peace in the world. Prepare your eyes to explore a gorgeous world full of magic and miracles; prepare your conscience to complicated moral choices, and prepare your fingers to mash your keyboard because you’re going to participate in visceral battles with powerful foes. Everything for as low as $1.38 (€1.20).

Buy Dragon Age Origins

Civilization III Complete 


A highly-acclaimed title is never out of fashion! In the Complete edition, it is complemented with two expansion packs that help you to get the highest level of entertainment from the best strategy franchise of all times. Rule one of 31 available nations, conquer the world, negotiate trade! For only $3.38 (€2.94)

Buy Civilization III Complete

GTA 3 


If you have ever wondered what’s the secret behind this invincible addiction that gamers around the world develop towards GTA series, you can search for an answer here. GTA III changed the definition of open-world games forever. You’re starting your career in the dark and dangerous underworld of Liberty City, and… well, you could guess what comes next. Dip into nostalgia with this early version of Rockstar’s masterpiece for only $2.70 (€2.35)

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