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5 things in Batman: Arkham Knight to fall for

Batman: Arkham Knight is the final chapter of the great superhero video game adventures. It delivers the best features of the previous games combined with a next-gen graphics. In this entry of the franchise, Batman faces a terrifying variety of DC Comics worst villains. In the center of the story is a virus that was created by Scarecrow and possess a deadly menace to Gotham’s entire population. As players, we will go with Batman through the toughest battles. Fortunately, we have some powerful allies. Let`s take a look at the game`s most interesting features. 

The Greatest Evil`s Pantheon

Batman is going to fight some gruesome supervillains from DC Comics’ canon, i.e, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Deacon Blackfire, Scarecrow, and Riddler. The villain that gave the game its title, Arkham Knight, is on the list, too. Contrary to aforementioned Batman’s nemeses, Arkham Knight is a new name in Gotham.  A list of bad guys consists of thirteen well-known faces (fourteen, if we count Two-Face for two). You may add two additional villains via DLC.

The Bat-Family

Although Batman always was a self-sufficient hero, he had some powerful and loyal allies. This chapter includes Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, Batgirl (can be purchased via DLC), Azrael, James Gordon and Alfred, the butler of the Wayne family. They will help our protagonist to save the city from the villains’ evil scheming and face the united army of relentless savage mercenaries. When those powerful foes are committed to bringing Gotham to its knees through chaos and violence, Bat-family is the only reason they won`t succeed. Take. Gotham. Back!

It isn`t all about Batman

We play as Bruce Wayne, the masked punisher of all Gotham crime elements. However, we may choose another character, such as Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl (comes in DLC), Catwoman or Azrael. Each character shows different fascinating combat moves and has their own fighting style. For example, Nightwing relies on its electroshocking bludgeons, while Red Hood, Batman’s first Robin, proves his point with pistols (you may play as Red Hood after you buy his DLC). Some characters use brutal strength to break the attackers, and others defeat opponents with the fawnlike grace. 
There’s also a DLC add-on with Harley Quinn on a mission to rescue Poison Ivy from Blüdhaven Police Department. The storyline is a prequel to the main game and includes four locations.

The beautifully ugly place

You may describe Gotham city as a dark horrible place that used to be comparatively calm before the incident with the Scarecrow`s fear-virus. However, even deserted, it keeps its grace. All citizens have been evacuated and now we can wander through silent streets, observe wonderful architecture and marvel at the effects of light and changes of weather. The physics of every battle is carried out with perfection. All textures are highly detailed, and you can even see the small trinket on the ordinary goon`s pants. By the way, you won`t meet two same-looking foes in a crowd; every minor NPC has their diverse features. 

The Batmobile

Unlike the previous chapters of Arkham stories, this one lets you ride the Batmobile. It has a wide range of weaponry, which will easily destroy enemies’ machines, both armored cars and helicopters. The whole list of weaponry includes Vulcan cannon, 60mm cannon, Riot suppressor and Electroshock defense.

The masterpiece of gaming development created by the Rocksteady, new Batman game is an impressive ending for the story of the Dark Knight. 

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