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6 Features That Make New DOOM So Profoundly Awesome

If you’re an avid fan of first-person shooters, odds are high you developed a taste to chainsaws, gore and fights with the ugliest monsters thanks to DOOM. The franchise means a lot for videogame fans, and today we’re going to take a look at the new entry to the well-known title, the recently released DOOM. 

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The classic feel

After experiments with survival horror in Doom 3, developers came back to the origins of the game: those old good extensive levels inhabited by evil bloodthirsty creatures. Following the standards of current game design, the game meets needs of modern gamers and simultaneously ads a dollop of nostalgia for those whose love to shooters started with earliest DOOM. And if you are the series veteran, be ready to meet familiar monsters and put your hands on the same weapons you used back in the 90s. Keep in mind everything looks much better now: it’s a next-gen game after all. But when you’ll grow tired of this fancy high-polygon beauty, find a hidden door that leads to...

Hidden Levels 

As DOOM goes back to basics, it gives us an amazing form of entertainment within the game world: secret doors that led to locations from original DOOM 1 and DOOM 2. From realistic current-gen graphics, you dive into the world of pixels, noisy music… and probably your teenagehood. This homage to games of the 90s will make hearts of old-school gamers melt. 

Quick and Merciless Enemies

...That won’t let you breathe without killing! It’s what needed in the world of DOOM if you want to survive. The game is extremely fast-paced. Forget all you modern shooters that require strategy and tactics. Shoot for your life, kick for your life, run for your life, and do it faster, for gods sake! Luckily, DOOMguy has learned some parkour tricks which gives you more escape options and adds up to the overall feel of the incredibly quick action. 

Gore is fun 

That’s DOOM’s moto! The game is famous for the incredible level of brutality and violence you’ll encounter on your screen. As the first fans of series grew older, the amount of gore grew as well. After all, it’s 2016 and the game needs to be really bloody if the gore is intended as a shocking factor. DOOMguy now has the ability to tear enemies apart and rip their limbs away. That might sound as a warning sight for some, but for fans of shooters and DOOM series in particular brutality is in the must-have features list.

Players generated campaigns

For those who finished the campaign too soon, there are Snapmaps, player-generated levels that constitute a whole universe of punishment and pain. A number of challenges in unlimited, and combinations of enemies, weapons, and level features are incredible. And of course, you are welcomed to create your own level with all kind of evil features a twisted imagination of DOOM appreciator could invent. 


Critics already proclaimed the multiplayer in DOOM resembles Quake, which makes sense since the games were developed by the same Bethesda Studios. In fact, there are six multiplayer modes in DOOM, and some of them resemble gameplay of other titles. For example, Soul Harvest stays close CoD’s Kill Confirmed. Warpath is pretty similar to Annex in Gears of War — a version of King of the Hill where you have to kill and the hill moves. 

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