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7 best co-op video games to try

Contrary to a widespread belief, games are not a lonely hobby. It’s that rare kind of entertainment that only benefits when you go social and share your experience with real-life friends or fellow gamers around the globe. With every other title offering multiplayer modes, which is the best to enjoy co-op missions? Here're few of our picks. 

Borderlands 2

Some critics call Borderlands 2 the best co-op in gaming history. Don’t be mocked by the word “border” in the game title: the transition to co-op mode is seamless, and all the borders are washed out as you invite three players from any place on earth to cooperate with you within the treacherous landscapes of Pandora. A two-player split screen co-op is also available for consoles, and you can make it a combo: two players on split-screen plus two players online. Isn’t it just great?
Every character has specific skills that contribute in co-op in some particular way. And always give good though every move when you spend skill points in the group — this is where real tactics thinking begins. 
Keep in mind that the enemy's level adjusts to the player with the higher level in the group, which means cooperating with experienced friends might cost you lots of dying episodes (and probably less fun, but that’s not always the case).   

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Diablo 3

Diablo III was one of the first games in its genre that allowed a co-op partner to actually affect gameplay and storytelling, contrary to what other titles had to offer — a role of a mere helper. Diablo 3 gave two players an opportunity to participate equally, and it was one of the reasons the game became so iconic. Cooperations are one of the main reason people enjoy Diablo for years, simply because there’s much of fun in wandering the fiction universe, level up your character and scavenge for awesome loot together. Pairing characters classes is also fun because you need to figure out how the Monk will work out with the Witch Doctor. 

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CS Global Offensive

If you see the phrase “genre-defining co-op shooter” and the game is not Counter-Strike, don’t believe it, it’s a smart marketing copy. CS defined and basically built the genre back in 1999. The game is developed for a multiplayer experience and nothing else (except if you prefer bots’ patterned moves to humans’ wit). In the new CS Global Offensive, there are four multiplayer modes. 
The traditional mode offers two types of matches: Defusal (the Terrorists plant a bomb while the Counter-Terrorist should stop them) and Hostage Rescue (the Terrorists should keep their AI hostages while CTs trying to free them). 
Another mode, Arms Race, is a deathmatch-style game where each player is rewarded with a weapon for every two kills. 
Demolition and Deathmatch modes vary by rewarding system and time terms of the game.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division

The new game of Tom Clancy’s franchise tells a story of New York city infected by extremely deadly plague that causes panic and ceased the normal life in Big Apple. You play as a special agent serving in a group called The Division, whose task is to hunt down the virus origins and stop it. 
Being a great game as it is, The Division gives you even more in co-op mode. Playing co-op allows you to be more aggressive; backed up by friends, you will more successfully manage attacks of the enemies , attracted by the sound of your weapons. On the other hand, the more leveled are your pals, the tougher the game will be on you in terms of enemies quantity and armor, but, hey, we’re here to have some fun, right? 
You barely experienced The Division at all if you hadn’t play co-op. The most curious part begins when you step into the Dark Zone with you pals. DZ is a special place on NYC map where there’s basically no law at all. Here you can choose to keep cooperating with fellow players or to shoot them in the back and grab all the loot just for yourself… If only someone won’t decide on this option ahead of you. It gives the whole game a flavor of a social experiment which you definitely should try. 

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

You could consider Rainbow Six franchise a synonym to co-operative gaming. From the very first title, the series is dedicated to explosive close quarters action with well-developed tactics. As members of an anti-terrorist unit, players have to rescue hostages and prevent explosions, all within tight fully-destructible formations. 
This game is so cool on multiplayer, it doesn’t offer a story mode at all. Instead, you encounter ten different situations, i.e., missions you need to accomplish. Difficulty levels and optional goals vary. 
The tactical thinking begins as soon as you have to choose your Operative — in other words, a character. Different roles in the team, skills, ammo and weapons should be considered. With your team, you should form a group of Operatives that fits every particular task. Then players decide on an insertion point. But as soon as talking and thinking is over, be ready to really hot action that escalates every second and literally doesn’t leave any wall of the environment undamaged. That’s it, feel the groove! 

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Dying Light

“One of a kind” is a weird choice of an epithet when it comes to zombie apocalypse games, but is true for Dying Light. The game is notable for its parkour feature which is put to a perfect balance with the combat part. The multiplayer is seamlessly integrated into the gameplay, and you might notice that co-op gradually changes the game according to your teammates’ pace and interests. Thus, when scavenging and random events seem repetitive, team up with friends and enjoy! It’s like buying DLC without buying DLC! 
Keep in mind that mission progress will be saved for all the players in the team, so you might not want to rush towards main events of the story. Be The Zombie mode is additional fun! 

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call Of Duty is a legend of our time, the great title that brings something new to the shooter genre and multiplayer world with every other entry. The multiplayer allows playing Campaign, Multiplayer or Zombies mode in split-screen, teaming up with players both locally and online.
Before a mission, the players gather at a lobby for a briefing. You won’t go far without tactical thinking in CoD co-op; even fancy skills such as cyber-bees to release on your enemies should be spread within the group with a knowledge of what and why. The points earned during the campaign buy you perks and weapons. The game features well-known buddy revival system which makes things easier sometimes. Anyway, it’s always good to have a backup, isn’t it? 

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