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7 reasons to buy Assassins Creed Syndicate

Buying games is risky: they cost way more than a movie ticket or an episode of a popular TV show. Of course, if you’re lucky and the game answers your expectation, those money won’t be lost, as you get fifty, sixty or more hours of thrilling entertainment. But what could you do if a game disappoints?

There two things you can do to prevent pointless spendings. First, find an affordable price or a decent discount. Here in Twed.com, we offer discounts even on the most recent titles, and you can save up to eighty percent. Second, read reviews and opinions carefully and find out if the game fits your interest. 

So we can’t guarantee everyone in this world will love this or that game. But you have at least ten reasons to give a chance to Assassin's Creed Syndicate, an outstanding stealth action game, which is also available at out shop with 60% discount. 

1. Smart, strong and diverse lead characters

As twins Evie and Jacob Frye struggle to take the destiny of London underworld in their hands,  the player switch between two characters in missions and during usual gameplay in the vast open world. The personality of each is well defined, and their relationships are written thoughtfully and sharply. Frye twins are a true gem. They give the game the edge, inevitably relate to a player and help to diverse the gameplay. 

2. The largest open world in the series 

In might be not geographically correct, but in Assassin’s Creed world London is way bigger than Paris or New York. It’s also ungodly charming, from high-brow Westminster down to the slums of Whitechapel. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate follows the lead of its predecessors and recreates locations with a historical accuracy that deserves a decent praise. The six boroughs of the city created with high fidelity and feel really distinct from each other. London is so vast and multifaceted it could easily distract you from main missions with subtle events, such as conversations of generic people that populate it and walk down its streets.

3. Even transportation is fun

With the city that is one-third bigger than anything in the series and includes tall buildings of the Victorian epoch, new ways of moving through the city seemed to be a necessity. Thus, in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate your characters could use zipline, a smart device that doesn’t exactly fit the epoch but delivers a lot of fun as you attach to cars and carriages. The GTA-element is added, as you can drive around the city in the vehicles of the epoch, or even parkour across cars. Smart transportation spares your time and energy for adventures, and sometimes navigating around the city is an adventure itself! 

4. Improved controls  

Climbing the wall or jumping from roof to roof never was so easy in the series. If operating your character in moments of the thrilling chase was ever frustrating for you, forget about this in Assassins’ Creed Syndicate, as it delivers the significantly improved experience. It’s much easier now to detect enemies with Eagle Vision, to escape from pursuers or perform stealth, speaking of which…

5. Enhanced stealth gameplay

Stealth always was a defining element of Assassins’ Creed gameplay, and it’s encouraging to know what it has received some crucial tweaks. On your missions, you’ll have to sneak into the windows of historical buildings invisible and to tiptoe past guards, using the Stealth button that we already encountered in Assassins’ Creed Unity. The most of the missions oblige you to be silent and leave as less mess as possible, and the game provides plenty of instruments for doing so: you can kidnap guards, distract them with whistling, hide behind objects. This assassin’s experience never felt so true before! 

6. The Thames

The Thames figured as an independent character in many literary works, and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate follows the path of great writers, focusing attention on the river. A big deal of action is going on at the surface of its gloomy waters. Basically, The Thames is the seventh borough in London, which helps to make the gameplay more diverse with tasks that require cargo robbing, boat navigation and jumping across crafts. This could be considered a move of a great courtesy towards London’s history and the ways it’s depicted in works of fiction. 

7. A great story

There’s no surprise that a close attention to the epoch and cultural context made developers rethink their approach to plotting. The story is tightly focused on Frye twins’ main objective, to conquer the Templars, current rulers of London, and bring justice to the underprivileged populations of the city. Each character chooses their own path, and both storylines are well-developed and correlate with the personality of our protagonists. 

All of this makes Assassins’ Creed Syndicate a wonderful game that has already delivered hours of gripping adventures to millions of gamers. Let’s add here that you can buy Assassins’ Creed Syndicate with a 60% discount for only €21.99 instead of €59.99, and this is for Special Edition that includes two additional missions with Darwin and Dickens. Why hesitate? The assassins’ path awaits! 

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