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8 reasons to love The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

The third entry of famous RPG franchise, inspired by Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and developed by a Warshaw-based studio CD Projekt RED, became one of the most acclaimed titles of 2015. In this chapter of the story we one more time meet Geralt of Rivia, the witcher, and join him in his struggle to balance between good and evil in this complicated world of choices. Gerald is about to encounter the strongest enemy he has ever met — The Wild Hunt, the greatest reaper. Let’s talk about some of the exciting features of the game. 

Charming dark world

Witcher III: Wild Hunt pits players into an atmosphere of a dark fantasy universe, which was taken right from the pages of Andrzej Sapkowski`s saga and brought to live on next-gen consoles and PC. In the center of this story-driven game is our main character, a witcher, a demon hunter, with his strict moral codex that doesn`t fit the corrupted society. 

High-fidelity art

Witcher III was meant to be one of the most realistic games made in the fantasy genre. The light effects, physics, and water here are created on the highest level. But the most powerful thing about the graphics is how it all looks in dynamic, including changing of weather and time of the day. 

The story that doesn’t let go of you 

The dramatic events steal your breath with every twist of the plot (there will be many of those, I should warn you). The main storyline will grip even the most demanding player, evoking the emotions that most games can’t evoke nowadays. Characters and their actions will induce hatre and appreciation, aversion and compassion. It is an exciting storm of feelings.

Combat system with magical signs

According to the general opinion, signs were an extraordinary innovation since the very first game. Signs are spells a witcher can use in the battle. Though witchers don`t possess strong magical powers, they have these five signs they can cast on their enemies. Aard is a shockwave that brings enemies down and is useful in particular when you’re surrounded by foes. Igni is a hand-flamethrower; it burns some enemies alive and frightens smaller monsters. Yrden sets a magical trap while Quen shields you from enemies’ blows. Axii is similar to Jedi mind trick: it allows you to control NPCs in dialogue and makes eemies fight alongside you in battles.

Captivating music 

The soundtrack of Witcher III: Wild Hunt was created by the talents like Marcin Przybyowicz and Mikolai Stroinski. Thus, it deserves a special mention. Flickering staccato in battles, atmospheric gracious melody in adventures, it works marries the story perfectly and helps create this fascinating flavor of the game. 


The game provides you with a possibility to create potions that have different effects on the body of the witcher. With those drinks, you can see in darkness, improve you combat reflexes, etc. The list of possible recipes and the perks they give you is vast, and search for ingredients could be quite captivating, so here’s a nice feature to explore and enjoy. 

Evil is evil… 

Lesser, greater, middling…makes no difference. The choices you make influence the whole picture of the story. Even the secondary character can make the difference in the lives of thousands. The story is built in such a way that you’re likely to consult your conscience once or twice before deciding on this or that.

Tons of quests, big and small 

The open world of The Wild Hunt is really spacious and you inhabited by diverse many characters who will send you with different errands. There’s a lot of secondary quests, from mundane (like bringing a frying pan to an old woman) to old good tasks of monster slaying. 

So be ready for an adventure that will bring you hours of entertainment and joy. You can buy Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt from our store with a huge discount right away. 

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