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Five great ways to spend Halloween… in The Sims 4!

There’s no surprise The Sims is considered the most successful PC gaming franchise of all time. We admire the opportunity to live a life with so many mundane and realistic details… and the generous portion of unrealistic, bigger than life things makes it even better! In The Sims 4, you could be whatever you want, from accomplished scientist to a homeless musician. You could conquer death (literally) and give birth to an alien child. And if you want to add some more fun into traditional trick-or-treating routine this year, consider some great possibilities of The Sims 4! 

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1. Laugh at your enemy graves for a boost of happiness

The Sims are famous for a possibility to kill Sims — both from the family you currently play or their neighbors. From good ol’ four-walls-no-door method to swimming pool with no ladder, there’s plenty of ways to get rid of Sims you don’t like (and, awkwardly, having fun when doing this). That said, when you kill someone who’s not in good relationships with your Sim, it makes the latter happy! After you burn your annoying neighbor or fed him to a cowplant, keep the graveyard handy and send your Sim there regularly. A good morning laugh at the enemy’s grave will help them to depart at work in high spirits. What a nice start for a Halloween! Be cautious, though: some Sims are known to die from laughing too much, what an irony!

2. Become a supervillain


Right, you could be a villain in your neighborhood, with a regular paycheck and a special Commemorative Freeze Ray. This one will take some time a commitment, though. You start as Agency Clerk and work your way up to become a Secret Agent at level 7. At level 8, you will have a choice of becoming Double Agent, which will bring you to Supreme Villain position. At the highest level at this path, you will earn 12875 Simoleons while working work 5 days per week 5 hours per day. Consider it carefully, though: the alternate path brings you to Diamond Agent with almost similar pay, and you’ll need to work 3 days per week, 15 hours per day.

3. Mess with aliens… Unless they’ve messed with you already 


If you play The Sims 4 for quite a time, you are probably familiar with aliens. Some of them live right there in your neighborhood and look like laypeople, and time to time secretly sneak to Sixam, a secret lot. Or maybe some of your male Sims were already abducted by aliens — and maybe they even came back with a baby in their bellies! While there’s no obvious way to initiate alien abduction, you still could plan ahead and get into the alien world. There are few ways to do this. You either start as a scientist and build a Wormhole Generator, which allows you to do necessary upgrades and open a portal to Sixam when you’re on level 10 of your career. Or you might buy a rocket ship and, by honing you Rocket Science skills, travel to the alien world. In both ways, it takes time a lot of Simoleons, but how nice it matches Halloween celebration all around the town — your real town. 

4. Play with the Death


Your interactions with Grim Reaper shouldn’t be limited to his visits when he's about to take someone from your Sims. In Sims 4, there're so many fun things to do with him… Which might seem awkward because, in order for you to start interacting with him, someone from your household should die… Still, as long as you initiated the first contact, there are things you could do with Grim Reaper: 
— Chat, dance, eat and hang out. If he befriends with some teens in your family, he’ll come to their graduation wearing his formal attire. Curious? 
— Flirt, kiss and make out (no woohoo unless you’re using cheats, but the players keep trying) 
— Invite him to your party. A perfect guest on your Halloween shindig! 


— Add him to your household. Yep, a Death in the family, permanently. 
— Kill him! With cheats, but still exciting.
— And the whole range of things, from wide to rude, that Grim Reaper could do because... Well, because he’s a Grim Reaper! 

death1.jpg   Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 1.20.15 PM.png

And, just so you know, if in the last moment changed your mind about killing someone in your household, get a hyper-confident Sim to slap down the Grim Reapers iPad and bring the poor relative back. 

5. Throw a bigger than life Halloween party!


This is one of those things that you can do in Sims 4 exactly like in real life… Though better than in real life! With Sims 4 Spooky Stuff Bundle you could decorate your house with pumpkins and spider webs and fill your backyard with witches and pirates. Do trick-or-treating, carve some jack-o'-lanterns and offer your guests spooky snacks! 

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sims-4-spooky-party-candy-bowl.jpg   sims-4-spooky-party-halloween.jpg

sims-4-spooky-stuff-screen-costumes.jpg   sims-4-spooky-stuff-screen-pumpkin-carving.jpg

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