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Most anticipated games of 2016

The previous year was heavily loaded with anticipated releases, including a new entry in Call Of Duty’s branch of Black Ops, Assassins’ Creed Syndicate set in Victorian London, and, of course, the new Fallout 4. Could 2016 beat this score? Let’s peek into the list of most anticipated and promising releases.


The game follows the story of its award-winning prequel, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This strategy title pits player in a world where aliens invaded and took full control of Earth. They try to cover the sinister nature of their ruling, building shiny glossy cities. But what was left of XCOM forces is now gathering at the edges of the galaxy with the only commitment to stand up for freedom. With unique challenging missions and flexible combat system, the game promises outstanding gaming experience.

Far Cry Primal 

The latest game in the series, it once shocked fans with what was promised: you can barely imagine a Far Cry with no firearms and wheels, can’t you? The franchise fans will find themselves in the Monolithic age, combating with enemies and wild prehistoric predators with spears and bows. With a completely different gaming experience it promises, Far Cry Primal is definitely one of the highly awaited games of 2016. 

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 

The game was announced 15 years after it’s predecessor, an original Deus Ex. The new chapter in the franchise history will amaze you with the ultimate openness. It relates, first of all, to the open world, and, which is more important for distinctive gameplay, complete freedom in decision-making. Each previous step will define the following events, so every gamer would have their own unique experience from new Deus Ex. 


Developed by well-known Bethesda studious, creators of Fallout and Elder Scrolls, Doom promises to be exactly what every life-long lover of games expect it to be: a total badass shooter with creepy monsters, enormous guns and high demands to players reactions and speed. How could you possibly not wait for such a treasure? 

No man’s sky

No Man’s Sky is a new title to be released on PC and PS4. It is announced as a unique sci-fi space travel game with no story behind. All you have is a vast open world that builds itself as you explore this mysterious and beautiful universe with hundreds of planets and solar systems. You can literally visit every object in this universe, from a distant hill to a galaxy far away. To give those wanderings a goal, you can sign up for quests and missions, such as search for alien artifacts or purchase of new equipment for your space craft. 

Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 is a sequel to Bethesda's highly-acclaimed stealth RPG game Dishonored. It is set in the city of Karnaca, 15 years after the events of the original Dishonored. Unlike its predecessor, the new game allows you to choose your character (Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano). This opens a lot of new possibilities, even though old fans of the title would have to learn new tricks. But we have all the reasons to expect Dishonored 2 be similarly captivating as the first game.

Fable Legends 

Fable Legends is a free-to-play cross-platform game from Microsoft, which gamers could play across Xbox One and their PC. As a multiplayer RPG, it provides a possibility for up to 5 people to play the same storyline. Options with solo gaming and a team of AI buddies is also available. The released screenshots and trailer promise spectacular fantasy world and intense action. Undoubtedly, Fable Legends is one of the most wanted games of this year. 

Final Fantasy XV 

The 15th entry in the Final Fantasy series promises all the advantages of open world action RPG, along with a variety of weapons and other entertainments, such as Chocobo rides. The beautiful world includes day-night changing system and is absolutely yours to explore. A particular time of day will influence character’s abilities, as well as monsters’ strengths, therefore affecting the gameplay in a manner we can’t wait to experience!
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