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Simulators for $10 and under

We love video games because they allow us to discover marvelous new worlds, either distant planets in outer space or imaginary universes full of incredible creatures and magic. But sometimes another reality is much closer than the galaxy far far away. Sometimes it’s enough to try on someone else’s shoes, even pretty mundane, and you already feel yourself in another universe. And this is where life simulating games could take us, allowing to live another life in Sims or to explore occupations we'd never got a chance to learn. Let's take a look at few non-expensive but sturdy games in this genre. 


One of the best competitive platform-racing games in the market challenges you to test your skills in the incredible world of motorcycle trials. Race alone, team up with friends or enroll into a global tournament to set your track records against skillful riders around the globe. A variety of challenging courses with artful obstacles and breathtaking ramps will make you do arch spinning tricks. When official courses seem too boring for your level, switch for reality-bending custom tracks tailored by creative gaming masterminds. Enjoy adrenaline-rushing racing experience with honest motocross physics and crazy course designs!

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In this deep dive simulator, you play either as a shark or a diver. Astounding depths of the ocean open their beauty to you but be ready to encounter foes and dangers. You could either play against AI with friends or team up against other players around the world. As a diver, you defeat your enemies with stealth skills, wit, and smooth teamwork as you scavenge the ocean in search of treasures. As one of the available shark species (including Tiger, Big White shark, and Megalodon), you can stalk you pray across the dark aquatic world. The game allows you to discover the stunning beauty of underwater life and engages withs it's gloomy atmosphere. 

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In this fast-paced flight simulator you become a brave hero as you save lives right from the center of horrible disasters. Deal with calamities from the cockpit of your helicopter! The gut-wrenching gameplay challenges your wit and reactions as you encounter over 40 diverse missions, each with its own map and set of goals. As a lifesaving pilot, you'll choose from a dozen of helicopters with different specs and flight over 100 square kilometers of terrain. 

Buy Helicopter 2015: Natural Disasters for only $3.62


Ultimate destruction gets a new definition in this simulator! As a boss of a construction company, you're about to destroy something ugly and build something nice. Climb behind the wheel of various construction machines and do your thing: clear the space as you demolish old constructions, create foundations and build new structures. Peek into your garage: monstrous trucks, hungry diggers, enormous cranes are just a small part of available tools. Realistic graphics, advanced physics and detailed models of the real machines add to this stunning experience! 

Order Construction Machines Simulator 2016 for Steam with a discount: only $6


If you ever wondered about the realities of contemporary farming business, here's the way to find out. In Farm Mechanic Simulator 2015 you manage a farm repair service company and deal with many different countryside mechanisms, such as tractors and harvesters. From supplies maintenance to actual repairs of highly realistic mechanisms, the business is fully up to you. Dig into the craft of mechanical repairs, such as brakes, transmission, engine, and interact with owners of farms to get new clients! 

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The work of a truck driver is oh-so-American experience that only cowboys could compete. American Truck Simulator offers to try your skills in the field, as you will be in charge for safe and in time delivery of cargoes across the States. Start as a driver and sweat your way to becoming an owner, enjoy captivating landscapes and one-of-a-kind journey along the way. As you create your freight empire, you'll closely study every detail of the craft, from choosing the color of the truck to dealing with hazardous cargoes and parking of the 53-feet long trailer. The game features detailed truck models that were officially licensed by manufacturing companies. 

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