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Things you'll love about new Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a prequel slash reboot of the highly acclaimed title, a first-person parkour-infused action game set in the Glass city. Like in the original game, you play as Faith Connors, but unlike the previous installment, you meet her at the dawn of her career as runner and freedom fighter. She literally runs errands for an underground network, delivering goods that are prohibited in the city ruled by the oppressive oligarchy.

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Providing a pre-story for the original title, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst feels much like a reboot of the series, with a lot of novelties and fixes that make the game smoother and experience better. Let’s take a look at all of them.


The Story

We meet Faith, an orphan, when she is released from a juvenile detention facility and starts to coin her parkour skills side by side with other couriers from underworld group called "the Cabal." She delivers not so legal goods, jumping through impossible gaps and fending off government agents. She is coached by rebels from the organization "Black November," which is dedicated to bringing down the Conglomerate, a network of dynastic corporations who has in upper hand in this dictatorial world.

An open world

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst being an open world game is seemingly the biggest and most important novelty, which, along with the game’s parkour nature, puts it in the same row with Assassin's Creed. You will be delivering items, forge your parkour skills, and enroll in a wide variety of side missions. This significantly distinguishes Mirror’s Edge Catalyst from the original game, which was much of a set of linear levels. Now the City of Glass is the world, where Faith looks for answers to her dangerous questions, takes jobs and indulges in side quests. The latter got a lot of space and attention: the world given to side activities is noticeably larger than even general levels in the original Mirror’s Edge. Which creates some consequences, such as...


Non-linear routes

If you were distressed by a necessity to follow a linear no-step-aside path to get from A to B and complete the mission in the previous Mirror’s Edge, you’ll be delighted by freedom the new game gives. With a vast sandbox world to explore, Catalyst doesn’t require from you to stick to one route. It’s completely up to you if you decide to climb up another pipe, leap across another building or to chose any detour option you could come up with. Which leads us to another handy novelty in the game...

Runner vision

Navigation was pretty painful in the first Mirror's Edge. In the new game creators offer a great way to fix it: though Faith still doesn’t have an access to overhead map, she could follow prompts of her “runner vision” that marks the preferable route with red and highlights objects the character could use for her parkour tricks. Again, with all the freedom that open world provides, you could choose whether to use it or not. It seems like following its suggestions all the time could rob you of great experiences you could have in the City of Glass, but having this tool close at hand helps when you get lost in this vast minimalist world.


Fight AND Flee

The fight system has been changed drastically. Faith doesn't use her enemies’ guns, like in the previous game; instead, her fighting is all about her parkour skills. Smooth combo system offers various moves that allow you to push, kick and punch your enemies without missing a beat as you move. Some kicking happens literally in the air, other tricks help you to fend off enemies while you slide your way out of trouble.



Mirror's Edge Catalyst has a somewhat multiplayer option, which basically allows you to share your runs with friends so the latter could compete with your results. The racing nature of this function fits Mirror’s Edge Catalyst perfectly.

Thus, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst reboots the title in a great way, offering all the opportunities we missed in the previous game while preserving the feel of speed and height and adrenaline-infused race across the hostile and beautiful city.

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