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What we know about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare + trailer & screenshots

The first trailer of new Call Of Duty was released few days ago. There’s plenty of time before the game will be released on November 4 2016, and no doubt there’s a lot of things we’ll learn from the game’s developers. Nevertheless, the trailer and the recent game’s director interview revealed some amazing facts about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

BLACK OPS 3 + NUKETOWN — €27.59 instead of €59.99
BLACK OPS 2 — €9.79 instead of €49.99
BLACK OPS — €5.59 instead of €39.99
MODERN WARFARE — €7.99 instead of €39.99

It’s happening in space

New Call of Duty is set in a future where humanity owns high-end space technologies. A net of space settlements is  spread throughout the solar system and now supplies mother-Earth with essential resources. The threat for this idyll is so-called Settlement Defense Front, an aggressive organization that emerged with the only goal to destroy this infrastructure. 


It has something new to offer to combat 

In the trailer, combat action happens in zero gravity, as well as in Earth atmosphere. This brings some new options to fighters. For example, as we witnessed in the trailer, it might be possible to rip the oxygen supply from the enemy. And when you imagine all other possibilities you could use in open space… Doesn’t it sound promising? 


It has a classic sci-fi story

As the designer director Jacob Minkoff said, the story will be focused on the character who was put in the position of deceased warship captain and has now to take control over thousands of people. The plot will be linear. However, the choices player has to make will affect missions complexity, though in minor ways.  

iw 03.jpg

It has a warship

You’ll use the vessel to navigate in outer space and choose missions. The warship, the UNSA Retribution to be precise, is also player’s hub in the game, where all the tactics planning is happening. 

The crew matters 

Though critics already compare Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to Star Trek franchise, there will be no “red shirts” you could easily sacrifice. The crew is a group of long-running characters, and each of them matters. “You’re going to all these unique exotic locations so it’s the crew that keeps you grounded, you’re kind of bringing Earth with you,” says Jacob Minkoff.


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