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What we learned about upcoming Overwatch

Overwatch is a new game of by Blizzard Entertainment, the creator of many iconic titles, such as Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and Hearthstone. An expert in strategies and RPGs, Blizzard, takes on a genre of shooter. Let’s talk about the things we can`t wait for in the upcoming blend of intense shooter and gripping RPG. 

Making shooter epic

If the universe was developed inside Blizzard, be sure it delivers hours of astonishing experience — this is the rule. From fascinating cinematic trailers — check Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void cinematic here — to plot twists and amazing characters that evoke strong emotions, Blizzards really cares about making the story epic. The Overwatch trailer, which Blizzard presented on its own convention Blizzcon, promises exactly this: overwhelming epic action without compromises. It’s clear for now that Overwatch introduces us to a completely new universe with compelling characters , immersive gameplay and a fascinating plot. 

How it all has started

Once upon a time, the world was falling into global-scale "Omnic Crisis", the savagery that involved robots. The terrible conflicts unleashed between the humanity and "Omnic" artificial intelligence. That was the time when an elite squad of soldiers, united under the idea that the world could be saved, came to rescue the planet Earth from people’s destructive behavior. The squad, called Overwatch, succeeded in this mission and restored the peace. As years passed, the Overwatch reputation suffered from accusations of corruption. The former heroes became outcasts among those who they had saved. Until the day when Overwatch headquarters was destroyed by a suspicious accident…


Game modes 

Blizzard had announced three multiplayer game modes in Overwatch so far. In an Escort mode, the attacking team should deliver a bomb to the exact position while defenders of the map should stop them at any cost or at least to postpone the delivering until the time runs out. An Assault mode is another name for “Capture the Flag” missions, and the attacking team fights its way to capturing two targets on a map. In a Control mode, each team’s goal is to maintain a captured point until 100% capture percentage. The game has four varieties of characters to choose from: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Their roles in the gameplay are intuitively clear. 


Characters and their origins

All fighters have their own story and quirks that affect the gameplay. Let`s name just some of the most distinguished characters. You may pick a gorilla that wears classy glasses and convinces foes to give up with its bulky fists. Another option is Reaper, a guy with a pair of shotguns, a scary mask and amazing tricks with smoke under his belt. There’s also a pink-haired young woman Zarya (translation: Dawn), a Russian soldier with a strong accent and eccentric look. Zarya is the best choice if you want to play as an unstoppable tank: she carries a big bazooka, and her armor is almost bulletproof.  Lucio, a fighter of Jamaica origins, knocks his enemies over with blasts of sound. Genji from Nepal is a ninja familiar with shurikens and sword; he has a wide range of attacks and is effective in close-combat fights. Combined with RPG-element, diverse abilities of the characters guarantee every match won’t be the same.

21 characters, 8 various maps and 4 classes to play for. Impressive? And that is only the beta-version. We are sure that Overwatch is worth waiting for! It is to be released on May 25th for PC, Xbox One and PS4. 

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