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Why new Legion will bring you back to the World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: Legion is all the rage now, which is completely understandable: after years of losing players and suffering from harsh criticism, Blizzard has released the game that makes us seriously believe a lot of players would consider coming back into legendary MMORPG. 

Does Legion worth it for you to change your mind? Should you invest your time and money in Blizzard’s new brainchild? What features does it contain and do they make the gameplay more enjoyable and catching? We did some research for you, and before you decide to buy World of Warcraft: Legion at the reduced price in our store, take your time to peek into this guide. 

A couple of years after the events of Warlords of Draenor, the heroes once again need to protect Azeroth from the Burning Legion. They head towards the Broken Isles, an island chain in the middle of the Great Sea, where the tomb of Sargeras, the dark titan who leads the Burning Legion, is situated. What they will find there is supposed to help figure out the way to defeat the enemy. 

PvP-Only talent system

For years, Blizzard struggled to balance players’ classes between PvE and PvP, given that an ability should be handy in raids but couldn’t become give a character an upper hand in battle with other players. Those struggles come to an end in Legion, as Blizzard now introduces a separate talent system, that works exclusively in battleground and arenas. The combination of ability bars in PvP allows developing a unique style of combat that matters more than players’ equipment. 

Artifacts of justice 

The unfairness of class-specific artifacts in World of Warcraft always had been an issue. Thus, in one chapter of the franchise Paladins and Warlocks got a handful of special objects, while in another Druids received a special treatment, and all other classes went by the board. Cloaks and rings, allowed for use by all characters in Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor, were supposed to bring justice, but the real outcome was the disappearance of differences between classes. In the new game, you’ll encounter a new system that contains artifacts, special weapons designed uniquely for each character class. There is total of thirty-six artifacts and hopefully, they will erase the imbalance between the classes. It feels like those artifacts could truly bring more diversity into how it feels to play every specific class; besides, they allow cosmetic customization. 

Welcome into the Emerald Dream

In Legion, players could reach the door into the Emerald Dream, a world inhabited by animals and dragons. If you’re a franchise’s life-long fan, you know that the Emerald Dream was first mentioned in the very first WOW. The path into Emerald Dream lays through seven bosses of Emerald Nightmare raid, and one of this bosses is Xavius, a well-known villain in the WOW’s cannon.

Class Halls As an alternative to the Garrisons 

The garrisons, first introduced in Warlords of Draenor, was supposed to help organize hubs where all members of your faction could come over, but in fact, the feature had isolated players, making them hang around the fortress alone. The new feature called Class Halls (or Order Halls) allow all characters of the class to convene in the same place. Alike the follower system in garrisons, within Class Halls system you now could recruit so-called Champions that are likely to help you with quests. This smaller group usually consists of well-known characters and is extremely handy, comparing to what we’ve seen in Warlords of Draenor. 

One more hero class

Demon Hunters are second hero class in World of Warcraft, after the Death Knight. They are starts at level 98 and are designed to fill tank and damage roles in the game. Among Hunter’s special abilities there are a glide attack and double jump; they also could see enemies through non-transparent barriers. The possibility to play them is only available to Night Elves and Blood Elves.

Those are only a few of features and advantages on World of Warcraft: Legion that makes this game feel like a fresh start for the franchise. Obviously, Blizzard heard out all the critique and players concerns over the years and now offers quite a solution for all the rubbing you might experience with WoW. So we encourage you to try this new expansion, given that you could buy it at a low price in our store
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