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Why you should be playing Dark Souls III now

We saw it coming but didn’t tell you: you should be playing Dark Souls III. Right now. In this particular moment. Instead of reading this article. If Metacritics’ 90 critics score, 8.2 user score and surprisingly low price on Dark Souls III in our store are not convincing enough — well, keep reading. We’ll prove the point. 

The game was released at the end of March and had already conquered hearts of veteran players and newcomers. What’s so exciting about Dark Souls III? 

Gloomy fantasy RPG with great legacy

Seems like FromSoftware, the company behind the Dark Souls franchise, has developed a perfect formula for an action RPG and brought it to life with highly-acclaimed titles, such as Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne. Looking pretty alike its predecessors, Dark Souls carries a promise of something bigger, particularly because the series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki came back to director’s chair for the title.

Thus, Dark Souls 3 doesn’t have flaws of the said games, such as lack of diverse bosses, and perfectly meets the expectations of critics and fans when it comes to signature dark mood, scary bosses and challenging level of difficulty. Speaking of which… 

Horrific foes everywhere

Dark Souls never was the type of the game that holds your hand. Be ready to fight your way through the entire game, as enemies wait for you basically everywhere. Don’t expect it to be easy. Seriously, the world of Dark Souls III doesn’t welcome sissies. The title is possible the only mainstream game that is so hard on the player, which make your experience with Dark Souls III not a mere entertainment, but an accomplishment. Keep calm, carry on and survive, and you’ll be rewarded with the sweet taste of hard-earned victory. 

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And even more Horrific Bosses

While slaying monsters will gradually become your routine in the game, get ready for bosses. Those horrible grotesque creatures, some of them ten times your character’s size, move fast and attack vigorously. It doesn’t help that you are locked with them in an arena. It takes courage and patience to beat them: be ready to die again and again until you discover the beast’s Achilles’ heel. 

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Mind your tactics

The great thing about Dark Souls is that you can’t just slash your way through the game. It’s not about being quick and react properly. The key to success is your ability to observe and learn. Don’t waste your lives for nothing; instead, remember enemies’ patterns and styles — and you’ll figure out the way to take them down. 
Tools matter, too. Light weapons give you speed, but don’t cause much damage to the monsters, while heavier armor robs an advantage of speed from you. By the way, an assortment of weapons and abilities increased significantly comparing to previous Dark Souls, allowing you to create unique combinations of gear and spells for every given situation. 

DS 2954897-darksouls3_beingloadofcinder_rgb_1444817894.jpg

Combat system

The game introduces us to a new feature called Battle Arts, which provides each class of weapon with a bunch of specific attacks, widening combat options drastically. Rashly usage of Battle Arts could backfire, though, since the feature leaves your character vulnerable, but when you use the attack in right time and on right enemy, the payoff could be rewarding. Thus, new Dark Souls allows players to develop their own combat styles. It’s also important that the game is famous for a very effective usage of controls. It might take some learning curve, but once you’re familiar with the system, you’ll appreciate its responsive approach.

ds Dark-Souls-III-6.jpg


Hidetaka Miyazaki is an avid lover of gloomy medieval-like fantasy worlds, and you can tell! From the first seconds, the game evokes the feeling of dread and hopelessness. The darkness becomes visually stunning in this incredibly performed world where death lurks literally at every corner. And if all the previous perks of the game won’t make you fall in love with this demanding game, the dark mood for sure will! 

Even if the challenging nature of Dark Souls III will freak you out at first, chances are high that soon your irritation will gravitate towards excitement which eventually will turn into an obsession. 

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