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Refund Policy - Twed.com


Considering the digital nature of the products we sell, a refund is possible in the following cases:

1. The product was purchased but not delivered.

In this case please contact Twed team immediately by [email protected] and request an order cancellation. The purchase will be refunded in full shortly.

2. You’re requesting a refund for a pre-ordered game.

Please pay attention that a refund should be requested at least 24 hours prior to the game’s release date. The refund will be processed on the day after the release date.

3. The product was delivered but not used.

Unlike all other sellers, Twed provides refunds on digital games keys. To get a full refund on a purchased key, you need to contact Twed team by [email protected] and provide a screenshot that proves the key wasn’t used. The key would return to the store and as soon as the next customer would buy and activate it, we’ll provide you the full refund.

With any questions and refund requests please contact our customer service team by [email protected]

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