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The Technomancer (Steam)
The Technomancer (Steam)
The Technomancer (Steam)
The Technomancer (Steam)
The Technomancer (Steam)
The Technomancer (Steam)
The Technomancer (Steam) 
PC Steam Game Key 
$ 30.10
$ 49.27
Language available:
Action, RPG
Release Date:
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About this product

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The Technomancer is a sci-fi RPG set in the same universe with its developer’s previous game, Mars: War Logs. 

Humanity had been inhabiting colonized Mars for two centuries when the planet run out of the water, and the War of Water begun. The tribes were fighting hard for this priceless asset. As Zachariah, a warrior and a rookie member of Technomancers, who fled to the red planet for his own reasons. Technomancers dedicate their lives to the search for powerful and priceless artifacts from Earth, which also could provide valuable and somewhat dangerous knowledge. As Technomancers, you’re going to gather allies and defeat foes, maneuvering between choices and using combat, diplomacy or tricks to find resolutions of unbelievable quests. 

Enjoy cutting-edge features of The Technomancer

  • RPG Experience: as you gain experience, you have an opportunity to develop your character and level up the hero’s abilities across four skill trees. Explore all the perks and learning handy skills!
  • Hunt for loot. Scavenge, buy and create objects that will help you and your teammates to survive in this hostile environment of the red planet. Nailguns and rifles, shields and maces, daggers and staves — you never know what will come in handy! 
  • Develop your own gaming style as you combine Zachariah’s electrical-based powers of Technomancer with customized weapons and unique set of learned skills. 
  • Enjoy the restless journey across the dusty and dangerous surface of Mars and find your way to survive in the land torn apart by tribes’ conflict and inhabited by bloodlust creatures. From lost cities to the ice deserts, Mars is all yours to explore! 

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